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"Children's development and success in life are enhanced when they speak two or more languages."

Learn a Second Language with 

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A Multicultural and Bilingual Spanish and English Music and Movement Curriculum to Teach a Second Language,

To Honor a Child's Home Language and to Develop Early Learning and Kindergarten Readiness Skills.

Pikitin, a bilingual music and movement program for 6 months to 5 years was created by Latino women to support inclusion, bilingualism and multiculturalism within the classroom, the family environment and the community.    Rita Rosa Ruesga, a four-time Latin Grammy Nominee, along with Svetlana Montgomery, a bilingual and early learning specialist, presents Pikitin Around the Kitchen, Pikitin Explorer, Pikitin Family and Pikitin Professional Development  engaging new products designed to honor a child's home language while providing a fun and engaging way to acquire a second language and to develop early learning skills.

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 6 months to 18 months
Engage infants and toddlers in developmentally appropriate bilingual activities for physical, sensory, cognitive, language and social emotional development.  Plan your daily routines with your children    6 months to 18 months using bilingual activities, videos, songs, music and musical instruments, along with materials, commonly found around the kitchen. 
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 3 and 4 Year-Olds
 Pikitin Explorer uses music, song, rhythm, and movement to build expressive and receptive language, encourage problem solving, and develop music skills, sensory perception, fine and gross motor skills and social emotional development, all while honoring a child's home language or teaching them a second language.  Perfect for dual language classes.
Pikitin Explorer includes 36 weeks of engaging lessons in a bilingual or Spanish only format and includes a bilingual teaching guide, English and Spanish music tracks, a variety of musical instruments, a multicultural, bilingual Big Book created by teachers, and even a full-size parachute!
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 18 months to 5 years old
Pikitin Family provides familes with a collection of bilingual, engaging and developmentally appropriate activities to continue and enhance learning at home and to prevent learning loss.  PikiTips, PikiSongs and PikiTeam time will be fun for the entire family and will reinforce readiness skills for your 18 months to four-year olds.  Included With Pikitin Family, is a series of six interactive virtual two-hour parent/child workshops delivered by early learning professionals.
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Pikitin Family Package
  • 36 weeks of Parent Activity Letters
  • Over 40 Printable Activities for Children
  • 50 Songs in English and Spanish
  • 14-Month Bilingual Activities Calendar
  • 5 Musical Percussion Instruments
  • 1 Scarf
  • 6 two-hour virtual parent/child workshops
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Open a world of possibilities by introducing art instruction helping learners to develop creative and problem solving skills.  Learn how to engage your class using creative techniques like painting, carving, paper mache, collages and more.  Jazz up any subject or project with a touch of art!
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In addition to the Professional Development Courses Included with Pikitin in the Kitchen and Pikitin Explorer, Pikitin also offers professional development courses for Music Therapy, Read Like a Pro, Theater Forms and Hands-On-Arts.
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Books and music open a world where each page and music note alike are filled with new sounds and bold illustrations to captivate students.  Music helps with memory, cognitive function, and muscle relaxation.  In this course, teachers will learn how to encourage children to express themselves through classic narratives, songs that stimulate vocal expression, rhythmic movement, and listening.  Teachers will discover new techniques to use music therapy in their classroom.
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Reading is more fun when brought to life . . . personalizing characters, recreating plot, and living the story.  Teachers will learn to breathe, speak and understand the author's ideas to provide students an unforgettable and inspirational storytelling performance.  This would be an impactful workshop for teachers and families. 
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Theater Forms:  Bring your lessons to life and let your class be the star! Teachers will learn how to use theater to ignite imagination, nurture a child's self-esteem, memory, and confidence while encouraging literacy and language and social emotional development.  Explore the secrets of puppetry, plays, masks, and acting with costumes while introducing classic performances.
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