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Literacy, Math and Social and Emotional Learning Mats

Pre-K to Age 6

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Developed by teachers and learning specialists, these learning mats are perfect for preschool children or children already in kindergarten to support language and literacy, early math skills and social emotional learning. 

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Literacy Learning Mat
Demo Lesson
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Math/Literacy  Learning Mat
Demo Lesson

Phonological and Print Awareness Kit for Teachers and Families

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This booklet contains directions for over 20 fun and engaging activities to help preschool and kindergarten children acquire foundational phonological awareness and print awareness skills including: rhyming, segmenting and blending syllables, recognizing initial sounds, and print awareness! The colorful, laminated, 8.5 x 5.5-inch cards accompany the booklet for easy implementation

Family Engagement Activities


Birth to 5

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Every Child Ready to Learn Activity Book for Families

Every Child Ready to Learn! provides parents and caregivers with fun, easy-to-implement activities that help develop strong early literacy and math skills. This book is designed for children ages birth to five years. Available in English and Español.

Family Engagement - Spanish Reading

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Spanish Reading Guide

Enséñale a su hijo a leer en español includes 70 lessons designed to help parents teach their children to read in Spanish. This book provides parents and teachers with step-by-step lessons to teach children letters and letter sounds, how to sound out words, and how to read short passages. Stories about everyday situations help your child learn vocabulary and build background knowledge as they learn to read. Beautifully illustrated and parent friendly, this book will help children develop strong early Spanish literacy skills.


Every Child Ready to Learn (Part 1) Birth to PreK
This course is designed for preschool and kindergarten teachers. It is divided into three important areas of math development: Number and Operations, Geometry, and Measurement and is based on preschool and kindergarten recommendations from the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. 

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